Captivate Your Customers With An Offer

Likes can be extremely valuable to your business if you know how to use them. The most valuable Likes are those from your customers and visitors as these give you access to their Facebook friends (usually between 100 and 400 prospects) and typically around a third of these are likely to be 'hot' prospects.

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Attract customers and increase sales by capturing your footfall

Captiv8Kit from AngelRevolutions helps you capture your footfall and attact new customers with social media to increase your sales

You get bespoke 'Footfall Capture Devices' aka CAPTIV8ORS (like the one pictured) ready to print and electronic copies which you can deploy at all the key points. These could be on your 'shop floor' (reception, point-of-sale etc) and in your marketing materials (brochures, advert etc) each incorporating your own QR 'magic mobile' code.

It's as simple as 'Point & Shoot' to LIKE!